Nothing Happens If Nothing Sells!

Nothing Happens If Nothing Sells!
Issue 10 // 2nd Quarter // 2015 Category:Purpose By: John Faulkner and Richard Hayes

The above axiom, often quoted by our mentor, grounds and informs many of our prayer-filled decisions at TwoTen Magazine. Without revenue, it’s hard to pay the expenses. Thankfully, our God has cattle on a thousand hills and loves to provide graciously for His children, us.

With those foundational truths, we are excited to present the 10th issue of TwoTen Magazine. John and I desire to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ through the marketplace in healthcare, media, government, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, education, entertainment, sports and service industries in America. It is our intent that you’ll use TwoTen Magazine as a practical ministry tool in your workplace to challenge and encourage your team and professional sphere-of-influence to live their lives from an eternal perspective.

We’ve dedicated nine full-pages to chronicle Benjamin Watson’s platform in the NFL, which has enabled him to glorify God and influence his children, wife, fans, teammates, and community. As one of the most intelligent players in the league, Ben shares how his faith gives him perspective under the national spotlight of professional sports and media attention.

TwoTen Magazine caught-up with teenage entrepreneur, reality television star, author, athlete, singer, and hunter Miss Sadie Robertson. Through it all, she strives to promote her faith in Christ alone. In a rapid-fire, question and answer session, Sadie’s personal style and motto to ‘live original’ framed her thought-provoking responses. 

Our beloved and passionate forerunner in the movement, Dr. Henry Blackaby imparts four watershed observations about ministry in the marketplace. 

We go into deep waters with Dr. Bert de Vries and learn how his terminal diagnosis radically clarifies his purpose to glorify God.

One of America’s most-trusted voices, Dave Ramsey debunks common myths about employee retention and advice on how to be a great business leader.

The enterprise-level purveyor of wisdom, Phil Clements dispenses knowledge to his clients and preaches optimism from an eternal perspective.

From bologna sandwiches to international notoriety, Alan and Lisa Robertson of Duck Commander expand upon Old Testament wisdom that outlines modern pillars of success.

Directed to our millennial readers and those young at heart, Charis Hillman Brown, blogger and author of TGIF, Today God Is First NEXT GEN, delineates a manifesto to live out our faith at work. 

Colorado outdoorsman, father, husband, author, and executive coach Jeff Spadafora distills the mysteries about attaining a joyful, healthy, and significant life.

We are thankful to have our regular contributors, who deliver transformational tips. Business owner and author Chris Hogan gives us five fresh keys to unlock the golden rule of teamwork. Dr. Mark Cress, founder of Corporate Chaplains of America, challenges TwoTen Magazine’s readers to create a safe environment for our employees. Dr. Paul White, psychologist, consultant, and author, explores the subject of work ethic and how to positively impact the next generation of workers in your business and community. Best selling author Jon Gordon summarizes the secret to life and strategies to overcome fear. Georgia auto dealer and blogger Chris Patton conveys a personal and emotional lesson on how our business’s culture impacts morale, our community and eternity. 

Thank you for investing yourself and striving to be the leader that God desires for you to be. We at TwoTen Magazine are here to serve you and use the power of story to transform lives together. 

Keep the faith, fight the good fight, and be serious and intentional about your vital work as an evangelist. 

John Faulkner and Richard Hayes

By: John Faulkner and Richard Hayes

John Faulkner and Richard Hayes are the founders of TwoTen Magazine. After years of sharing the ideas and processes that build strong faith based businesses, John teamed up with his close friend Richard, to produce TwoTen Magazine, which is based on the Bible verse Ephesians 2:10- “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared for us in advance to do.” The magazine’s mission statement is “To inspire, encourage and equip business leaders to apply their influence to make an eternal impact on God’s Kingdom”.

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