Living The Intentional Life

Living The Intentional Life
Issue 11 // 3rd Quarter // 2015 Category:Ministry By: Jessica Burchfield

World-renowned Car Crazy television show host, president of Meguiar’s Inc. and founder of Revival Outside the Walls, Barry Meguiar is a vibrant proponent for intentional living. Famous for his TV show, Barry has become an authority within the automotive industry. Meguiar's has received top ratings from Consumer Reports magazine and has been recommended by numerous luxury European car companies including Jaguar, BMW, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes-Benz. But to Barry, life is more than fast cars and dollars in the bank.

The Meguiar family story is the American Dream. From humble beginnings to international renown, Meguiar’s products can be found at almost every car show, detailing shop, and automotive retailer in America, as well as in thousands of stores around the world. They have become the leading name in car care and continue to develop new formulas and products that rise to the top of the automotive industry. 

Born into a family of auto enthusiasts, Barry was introduced to the business early in life. His grandfather, Frank Meguiar, Jr., founded Meguiar’s Inc., a supplier of state-of-the-art car care products. His father, Malcolm Meguiar, a self-taught chemist who contributed formulas for waxes, polishes, and cleaners to his family business, also served on the governing board of the company. Upon his grandfather’s death in 1980, Barry assumed leadership of the company. 

“I’m the third generation to lead this company; that’s a huge responsibility,” said Barry as he recounted the genesis of Meguiar's  “In the early years of my career, I wondered if God would have me leave the business for ministry, and I earnestly sought His will for my life. I remember praying for God to clear my double mind and show me what to do. In the midst of the struggle, He sent a friend with both a promise and a charge. Mind you, I hadn’t spoken to this friend in several years, but God used him in my life to remind me that business and ministry are not separate, but rather a conjoined effort designed to prosper the Kingdom. He reminded me that God had given me a wonderful ministry and that the people I was able to reach through my automotive company were people that could not be reached by a pastor. He told me that my career was my ministry. I remember sitting down in my chair blown away at the concept. My business is my pulpit.” By viewing his career as a platform for ministry, Barry has lived his life as an intentional servant of Christ. 

"Intentional living is defined as a purpose-driven existence centered on a clear goal, objective, or intent. This term can be applied to both the professional pursuit of a lucrative career and the spiritual quest for a deeper walk with Christin Barry’s case, intentional living is an amalgamation of the two.”

Operating upon a “Love Jesus, Love Your Neighbor” mentality, he is committed to sharing his faith every moment of every day. “The world knows you’re a disciple of Christ when you exhibit love,” said Barry. “They don’t care about your job, your plan, your theology—they care about your love. If you love them, eventually they’ll want to know why! Whenever I am asked about why I love people, I always respond with the simple truth that God loves me, and I want to share His love with everyone. That answer stops people. I pour my life into loving people.”

In 2010, while shooting his television show, Car Crazy, on location in Australia and New Zealand, Barry contracted a mysterious form of viral pneumonia that developed into a life-threatening illness. Upon his return to the States, what was thought to be a quick trip to the ER turned into a two-week hospital stay that further reminded Barry of God’s plan for his life.  

“God was with me,” said Barry as he described the bewildering illness that tore through his body. “God sent a nurse to remind me that I had to relax into God’s will, that God had put me there, and that He was molding me and making me into His will. While in a medically-induced coma, the doctors pretty much decided I was dying, but I knew God had a plan for my life. It was amazing how my faith grew in the darkest moments; I was at peace, knowing and resting in His will. I had placed myself on the altar of God as a living sacrifice and submitted to whatever He wanted to do with my life. Once my coma broke, I passed all my tests with flying colors, and the doctors were amazed."

"Once more, God had given me a chance to proclaim His power, share His message, and shine His light. God used my mysterious, God-shaped illness for my good and His glory.”

Under the Hood

“A hundred years from now, all my fabulous cars, all my money, all my things are not going to matter,” said Barry. “Only what I have done for Christ will matter, nothing else. Living an intentional life for Christ is one of the basic commands in Scripture. In Mark 9:41, Jesus reminds us of this simple truth: For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name…verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.’ It’s not just the act of giving a cup of cold water; it is giving it in Jesus’ name. We have only so much time in this life, only so many resources. 100% should be given to winning the world for Christ.”

 Intentionally living to impact the world for Christ is not only the key to success, but also to happiness. 

“Most Christians are not enjoying the fun side of Christianity,” Barry said. “They’re saved, but they are not enjoying the power of God in their lives. I don’t look at winning the lost as evangelism or proselytizing, I just love on people. When I’m asked a question, I answer to the best of my ability. When I don’t know the answer, that’s when the fun really begins! I tell them I don’t have the answer, but God does! Then I study, pray, and follow up. God will give you the answers. He will give you the right things to say, and you’ll come out of the experience more blessed and closer to Him. Talk about fun! It’s incredible.” 

“I’m convinced that God has mandated us to win the lost primarily to win us,” he said. “It sharpens our sword. I’m not a financial counselor, nor am I a lawyer, but I can tell you how to go to bed tonight and not worry.  I’ve been consumed by worry; I’ve lived the uncertainty, the fear, and the unknown, but God has always been faithful. He always has a plan that will benefit me and bring Him glory. I sleep like a baby, because I sleep in the knowledge that God is sovereign. God has my best interest at heart, whether it is a trial or a blessing. He is in control, and it will be used for His glory.” 

According to Revival Outside the Walls, Barry’s non-profit ministry of non-clergy/lay-led ministry operating with great respect outside the walls of the traditional church, less than 20% of our population still goes to church on a regular basis. Of the un-churched, 83% would like to believe that there is a God. Over 80% of those people already have someone in their life that is a member of a local church, but only 7% of believers consistently spend time building relationships with non-Christians for the purpose of sharing Christ with them and less than 2% of twenty-first century Christians have invited, someone to church in the past year. Something has to change.

“We are the salt of the earth, but if we lose our flavor, how does the world get salted?” said Barry. “Do we truly want to change our world, our political system, our history? Mobilize the church. A lot of people are doing it, but we need so many more. Get off the bench. Get into the game. We’re just one, but we need to be one for Christ. I’m just a guy with a hotrod, but I’m a guy with a hotrod who wants to reach the world for Christ!” 

The core verse of TwoTen Magazine echoes Barry’s vision for intentional Christian living:

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

“Sometimes you have to be a little bit of a weirdo for Christ. Sometimes you have to be a bit weird to love the unlovely of the world. I don’t mind being this type of weird.  I love them, but I allow the Holy Spirit to lead. I love deep sea fishing. When you go deep sea fishing, you use chum—small pieces of fish. They’re the bait. As you slowly pilot your boat, you toss chum over the side of the boat, leaving a trail of chum for the big fish to follow. The big fish follow the chum line, right to the boat. When they’re hungry enough, they follow. People are the same way. When they are hungry for healing—for Christ—they will follow the small mentions of His name straight to you. There’s only one thing better than seeing a marlin come up your chum line, and that’s seeing an unbeliever coming up your spiritual chum line!” 

Are we sitting in the fast lane on cruise control, or are we intentionally dropping “road chum” and talking about Christ to our employees? Are we making a difference for Christ? We must mobilize the church and recognize that the world is in desperate need of our testimony, our influence, and our salt. 

“In every conversation, whether with a stranger or friend, I will mention Christ. Everyone knows I’m a Christian. I don’t beat them over the head with it; I simply drop my chum by mentioning how my Christianity affects my life. I talk about my church and my pastor, I pray over my meals, and I praise God for His blessings. Whatever I say, I bring God into it, dropping my spiritual chum. When they get hungry, when the cancer strikes, when the business fails, and they don’t have anyone to go to, they follow the chum line to a Christian that has answers. It’s all very simple. It’s intentionally leaving chum in the lives of the lost around you. What can be more fun than leading someone to Christ?”

Christianity is a team sport—get off the bench and get in the gameChristian business owner, corporate employee, father, mother, friend. You were created for a purpose; have fun with it! Every day is an adventure with God! I’m having the time of my life!” Barry Meguiar



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