Faith: The Great Business Of Life

Faith: The Great Business Of Life
Issue 11 // 3rd Quarter // 2015 Category:Purpose By: Richard W. Hayes

The above headline was a recurrent theme of the early Puritans regarding their quest for spiritual and moral holiness. At TwoTen Magazine, we believe that the sharing of testimonies of faithful, contemporary business leaders and entrepreneurs has the power to change corporate cultures and encourage Christians to seek God’s will in all aspects of their lives.

Our brand was inspired by the New Testament Bible verse Ephesians 2:10, which says; "For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." This view of work as a calling and divine purpose offers more than simply the possibility of serving God in one’s daily work. It provides the reality of serving God through or by means of that work. To work, lead, invest, and sell our products and services is to serve God. With those supporting truths, we enthusiastically present you, our treasured readers, the 11th issue of TwoTen Magazine. We desire to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ through the marketplace in healthcare, media, government, finance, retail, manufacturing, technology, education, entertainment, sports, and service industries in America. It is our intent that you’ll use TwoTen Magazine as a practical ministry tool in your workplace to challenge and encourage your team to live their lives with an eternal perspective.

Our cover feature story is about how award-winning country music artist and songwriter Josh Turner strives to rely on God. To synthesize and radically share his relationship with the Lord, Turner published a bold devotional: Man Stuff. With God’s guidance, Josh, his wife Jennifer and their four sons will continue their journey through the national music industry.

By first insisting on world-class quality, entrepreneurs Andrew Chen and Johan Lam are building a cool fashion brand. Their sense of style and dedication to serve customers with excellence has given the owners of 3sixteen a unique platform to share the love of Jesus Christ.

The extremely enthusiastic septuagenarian Mr. Barry Meguiar challenges us to strategically share the joy and peace that is found in intentionally sharing our faith. Known internationally through the popular television, show Car Crazy and as CEO of Meguiar’s automotive products, Barry knows his purpose and enjoys the game God has set before him.

In 2009, Academy award-winning Matt Damon played FBI insider Mark Whitacre in the movie The Informant. The incredible movie was based on the true-life story of a corporate executive who recorded and revealed corruption of a Fortune 100 company. Today, Mark challenges business leaders to develop a plan based upon all of God’s principles.

John Faulkner is my long-time friend, mentor to many, successful entrepreneur, and co-founder of TwoTen Magazine. John provides us with two secrets to success: the ability to effectively communicate your story and the skills necessary to shift your leadership style to that of a servant.

Nobody likes to have bugs in their home or business except for Dean Burnside of Good News Pest Solutions. That problem gives Dean and his highly trained and mentored staff the opportunity to serve clients with the good news of the Gospel, while professionally eliminating unwanted pests.

Together, we learn four critical components to be mindful of during the hiring process from Rick Boxx, Founder of the Integrity Resource Center.

Dave Ramsey, one of America’s most-trusted voices, lays out a step-by-step map for goal setting and attainment.

From the Robertson family of Duck Commander in West Monroe, Louisiana, we sat down on the front porch with Miss Kay and her oldest son Alan. They retold their personal journey of transformation and long-term eternal perspective.

Inspired by C. S. Lewis and Bill Peel of LeTourneau University, Hugh Whelchel, author and Executive Director of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, provides four irreplaceable principles of Biblical stewardship.

We are thrilled to have our regular contributors who deliver applicable transformational tips. Business owner and author Chris Hogan gives us six steps to building wealth. Best selling author Jon Gordon summarizes the power of appreciation. Georgia auto dealer and blogger Chris Patton unravels five myths about Christian business. Dr. Paul White, psychologist and author, delineates six ways to develop and maintain a healthy culture amongst your colleagues.

Thank you for investing yourself and striving to be the leader that God desires for you to be. We at TwoTen Magazine are here to serve you and use the power of story to transform lives together.

Abide in the faith and be disciplined
about the great business of life.

Richard W. Hayes

By: Richard W. Hayes

Richard W. Hayes is a Co-Founder of TwoTen Magazine and the chief executive officer and managing partner of Digital LightbridgeRichard is an author, blogger and frequent speaker on social media, corporate branding, leadership and his personal testimony of being healed from stage IV “terminal” cancer. Richard resides in New Port Richey, Florida. He has been married for over twenty years to his beautiful wife, Lisa, and is the proud father of three exceptional sons, Chandler William (17), Mitchell Aidan (14) and Tristan Isaiah (6). The Hayes’ are active State of Florida licensed foster parents.

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