Not Everyone Has A Pastor, But Almost Everyone Has A Boss

Not Everyone Has A Pastor, But Almost Everyone Has A Boss
Issue 13 // 1st Quarter // 2016 Category:Ministry By: Jed Ostoich

RightNow Media has always worked to pioneer ways to pick up Sunday’s faith and carry it to the cubicle or corner office on Monday. In the past, RightNow Media targeted churches and provided its solid, biblical video resources in DVD format. Things changed in 2011 when RightNow Media ditched the DVDs and moved to a streaming-only platform. Currently, over 1.2 million people in churches across the country have access to thousands of faith-based videos that help build stronger marriages, provide answers to the tough questions about life and raising kids, and give biblical advice on managing finances.

America boasts roughly 350,000 churches, yet many people will never sit in a pew. Those men and women still wrestle with difficult relationships, struggle to navigate their children’s terrible-twos and teen years, and attempt to stretch their shrinking bank accounts. RightNow President Brian Mosley and Executive Vice President Justin Forman realized that with over 7 million businesses in the United States, business leaders have an incredible opportunity to care for employees who may never attend church. Every person needs care, but not everyone has a pastor. 

Almost everyone, however, has a boss. 

Brian, Justin, and the team at RightNow Media decided to use their Netflix-style platform to deliver content to business leaders—content that could equip them to care for their employees and team members. And RightNow Media @ Work was born.

Although rooted in the technology of the church-based platform, RightNow Media @ Work has some unique properties. “When a company signs up,” Justin explains, “they can customize the experience specifically for their employees. They can feature the video content that is relevant to their team. They will also have access to exclusive content we’ve developed for a business-minded audience.”

RightNow Media @ Work offers leadership content from prominent speakers such as John Maxwell and Patrick Lencioni, as well as counseling and personal growth content from professionals including Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. RightNow Media @ Work also features original documentaries telling the stories of businessmen and women who live out their faith at work and care for their employees.

RightNow Media @ Work strives to accomplish three things: to help business leaders care for the people in their company, to equip them to train leaders, and to provide channels for leaders to connect their faith to their work. Brian believes, “one of the best ways to represent Christ in the workplace is to show that you care for people. Like the parable of the Good Samaritan, Christian business owners can care for those around them who are hurting and in need. We wanted to provide Christian business owners with a library of content that could help them show employees that they are cared for—even on issues that happen outside of working hours.”

Not only does RightNow Media @ Work help leaders care for their people, it also provides businessmen and women with the resources to bolster their own leadership skills and the skills of their team. Subscribers to RightNow Media @ Work can instantly stream content from prominent speakers and leaders on their phone, in the office, or at home. The service provides leadership training from a biblical worldview. The speakers featured on RightNow Media @ Work strive to live out their faith in their own work. Business leaders can learn from the successes and failures of men and women who share their stories of faith in the workplace. Stories like CEO Cheryl Bachelder’s turnaround of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen teach servant leadership through both instruction and real-life example. Online video courses facilitated by men and women like ServiceMaster’s retired CEO, Bill Pollard, provide insight into developing and implementing faith-based values in a workplace both domestically and internationally.

Ultimately, RightNow Media @ Work builds that critical bridge between Sunday’s sermon and Monday’s work.

“Many business people don’t see a clear connection between their work and their faith,” Justin points out. “They have a desire to live out their faith at work, but they don’t know how. Our hope with RightNow Media @ Work was to provide the Christian business owner with an easy-to-use tool that could be enjoyed by all the employees of a company." Justin Forman

"Everyone in the company can have instant access to a library of over 5,000 videos on parenting, marriage, addiction, leadership, and other important topics.”

RightNow Media @ Work has already made an impact in America’s businesses. Don Barefoot, the President of the C12 group, says, “At a time when fewer non-believers are turning to the Church for help, Christian business owners have been entrusted with the privilege to care for their team in ways nobody else can. RightNow Media @ Work is an indispensable resource for thousands of C12 members leading companies all across America.”

The platform is working, and the feedback has encouraged Brian. “I love seeing the emails from employees who thank their boss because they now have RightNow Media @ Work. The dynamic between employees and business owners changes when it’s obvious they really care about each other.”

As RightNow Media @ Work continues to develop and add content, Brian and Justin believe that God will use Christian businessmen and women to transform lives for the gospel. “We hope for marriages to be restored, parents to be inspired, for leaders to be developed, and for kids to be taught. It all starts when a business leader realizes that his or her faith on Sunday can come to life in the office on Monday. When a business leader takes that step of faith and starts showing employees that they are valuable and cared for, they’ll start to get a sense of who Jesus is.”

In the first few months since being released, RightNow Media @ Work  already stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the leaders of over 500 companies, and that number is growing. Together, they seek to impact the world with the hope of the gospel by bringing the care and compassion of Jesus into every office. It’s good ministry, and it’s good business.

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