Quarterly Review: The Positive Dog

Quarterly Review: The Positive Dog
Issue 4 // 3rd Quarter // 2013 Category: By: The TwoTen Team

Discover the benefits of being positive.

by: Jon Gordon

We all have two dogs inside of us. One dog is positive, happy, optimistic, and hopeful. The other is negative, mad, sad, pessimistic, and fearful. These two dogs often fight inside us, but guess who wins the fight? The one you feed the most.

The Positive Dog is an inspiring, heartwarming story that not only reveals the strategies and benefits of being positive, but also an essential truth for humans: being positive doesn’t just make you better. It makes everyone around you better.

Jon Gordon has shared the simple, powerful strategies in this book with Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, college athletes, school districts, and nonprofits, and the proof is in the countless success stories shared by Jon’s clients. The strategies in this book have grown sales, motivated sales people, developed positive kids, enhanced careers, and lead to greater individual and team success.

For anyone looking to overcome negativity and challenges to become more positive, The Positive Dog provides the inspiration and an 11 day action plan with a daily strategy to feed yourself and your team with positivity. When you feed the positive dog and feed others, everyone benefits!

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