Quarterly Review: Transformation

Quarterly Review: Transformation
Issue 5 // 4th Quarter // 2013 Category:Development By: The TwoTen Team

Change The Marketplace And You Change The World.

by: Ed Silvoso

God loves us and has a unique blueprint for our life–but it’s up to us to find it and live it out. Mingling contemporary stories and biblical anecdotes with practical advice, Silvoso shows how God intervenes in human affairs today to transform people and nations.

He also shares five critical paradigms for transformation that are pivotal for change:

  1. Discipling Nations
  2. Reclaiming the Marketplace
  3. Looking at Work as Worship
  4. Becoming Salt and Light
  5. Eliminating Poverty

In Transformation, readers will find extraordinary stories about the power of God working through those who discovered their specific purpose. Then, they’ll be challenged to transform themselves and, by doing so, to transform their families, schools, businesses and nations. Silvoso encourages readers to aim high, knowing that God has entrusted them with great things. “God sees you as a nation transformer,” says Silvoso. He has faith in you!

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