5 Tips for Intentional Living

5 Tips for Intentional Living
Issue 8 // 3rd Quarter // 2014 Category:Leadership By: Chris Hogan

Our lives are complex collections of stories and relationships.

Some experiences revolve around our professional lives, while others are more personal in nature. Sometimes these areas are interwoven and connect the different areas of our lives in ways we don’t always realize. If we’re not intentional, our stories and relationships may be purely reactive—in which things merely happen to us; instead of proactive, where we take control of our actions and our lives. One example of a proactive relationship is mentoring. I’ve had some incredible mentors guide me and serve as great examples. In turn, I’ve tried to educate and encourage others. Several years ago, I was asked to speak at a local high school. Surprisingly, a number of students kept in touch with me over the years. A couple of them are now college seniors, and they emailed me recently asking for advice as they prepare to graduate and enter the real world. As I pondered their questions, I realized the advice I gave them also contained things I learned from my mentors

So, here are our five tips for intentional living:

Always keep these five things in mind

  1. 1. Grow Relationships.

Establish good relationships with people in your business world, as well as your personal life. I’m constantly amazed at the opportunities that present themselves as a result of connecting with people I know about what I know.

  1. 2. Be Authentic.

Be yourself. Always! Pretending is exhausting and ultimately frustrating. You have value as a child of God. Don’t forget that fact, and never allow anyone to diminish it.

  1. 3. Be Likeable.

Everyone has a story, and we’re all on a journey. Some people are easier to relate to than others. Regardless, show interest in people and their stories. Be a source of encouragement every single day.

  1. 4. Be Intentional.

Your time, effort and money are valuable resources. Be intentional with each of them, and never spend them carelessly.

  1. 5. Make Wise Decisions.

Every day we make choices as to how we speak, act, think and feel. Make conscious and active choices to be positive. You can’t do everything for everyone, so purposefully choose what you can accomplish and do those things to the best of your ability.

The Takeaway:

Our lives are stories, and every day we write a new page. Sometimes, we begin an entirely new chapter. As you live out your story, slow down and apply these tips. It will make you more intentional, and help write a story that ultimately makes a difference!

Chris Hogan

By: Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan speaks all over the country at businesses, associations and colleges on money and leadership. He also conducts on-site training sessions for organizations of all sizes. As a former All-American college football player and business owner, Chris understands that leadership is essential for the success of any team. You can follow Chris Hogan on Twitter at @ChrisHogan360 or check him out here: daveramsey.com/speakers/Chris-Hogan

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